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Future Punx
The World Is A Mess

Dull Tools



Three years after their last release, Future Punx return with The World’s A Mess EP, recorded with Andrew Chugg (Pop. 1280, Pill, Crinkles) and set for release from Modern Sky USA. Starkly juxtaposed with the sci-fi fantasies of their earlier output, these songs are grounded firmly in the present political moment. While they still believes in the uniting power of getting down on the dance floor or ripping out a Robert Fripp style guitar solo, their lyrics now focus on acknowledging and battling white supremacy (“Society Implies”) or toxic masculinity (“F Boys”), before closing with a perfectly fitting cover of X’s “The World’s A Mess, It’s In My Kiss.”

“These songs were written in response to the state of the world and our current political reality,” explains singer/bassist Chris Pickering. “It’s very current events oriented whereas everything we’ve done before was futurist sci-fi. Shit got so real and fucked up in the last couple of years that we can’t even imagine a utopian future any more.”